When you scrolled through many portfolios trying to search for an inspiration for your very first single-page personal site, you might feel something drop to the pit of your stomach. You can mock up your site and create the sitemap and user persona you’ve wanted. But you can’t produce a single project multiply it into 10. So, here is how to create a portfolio showcasing your best qualities.

1.     Get Testimonials

Many kept on wondering how people get those glowing reviews to feature their portfolios. The secret to that is most freelancers request such glowing reviews. If they finish a product they’re so proud of, they ask their client they’ve collaborated with to give them a testimonial ensuring they get permission to feature it on their site.

Proximacy, which offers affordable web marketing services such as SEO in Singapore, asks their former coworker and clients to write a few sentences on what working with them was like. They can get testimonials about other work they’ve done. Plus, they never fail to forget to return the favor. If ever composing a testimonial might be daunting for them, they offer to draft one up for them to approve. This usually happens more often than they realize.

2.     Earn Badges

You can try to earn badges through programs such as Open Badges if you don’t want to rely on former projects to prove that you are worthy to get the job done. Proximacy rates their levels of mastery in various skillsets and feature badges on their own site. They prove to potential clients that they are competent and skilled in ranking their personal sites in their preferred industry in the shortest time possible. They showcase their style and services to their clients since they have a dedicated team conducting monthly reports.

3.     Demonstrate What You Do; Don’t Just Say It

You must demonstrate what you do because this easily gets lost in all your excitement and occasional stress of building a portfolio. Don’t just say it! The whole point of making your portfolio is to showcase what work you can do. A very good example for this is Proximacy’s website. They wrote in text that they bring their clients’ value before they put their money on the table – and they definitely do! They lay down their flexible plans to help clients increase their sales figure.


Your future client will not only see a slideshow of your former projects. They’ll form an opinion of you. You can still do a lot to create a dynamic portfolio even if you are short on projects. You must showcase your best qualities. You don’t have to stress yourself out about it. But you can do your very best to give a clear and genuine demonstration of all the amazing things you can do.