The people behind the scenes are the real beating heart to make a music festival successful. But only a few job openings are available for professional jobs at a music festival since the environment is very competitive in terms of expertise. If your dream job is to work at your favorite music festival but you don’t have any experience yet, here is how to use your music-related skills to stand out from the rest of the candidates.

1.     Plan Your Music Career Moves

The first thing you need to do is to plan your music career moves as much as to a year ahead of an actual music festival. You can create first a listing of potential employers or organizations and ask someone who knows about festival job openings. If no connections, internet research is the best option to reach out and get involved.

It is totally fine also if you only possess little music industry experience because of your current work in a refrigerated truck rental. You can just try looking for internship opportunities with possible organizations that’ll be at the music festival. You can check the website of the festival for any available job fairs and/or volunteer opportunities as well.

2.     Do Your Research

Once you do your research on the organizations such as the concert promoter, the production team, videographers, and corporate sponsors, you can reach out to your contacts about the possible music festival. If none, you can find the person who might hire you on the internet. You send your resume through email and don’t forget to tell your interest in the organization.

3.     Come Back Next Year

Finally, the only way to stand out from the rest and remember you is to keep on smiling. You will never know that they might want to work with you again next year because you’re the type of person who makes a long intense day more fun.

If the music festival is over, just stay in touch and allow yourself and the staff a few more days to recover before you reach out to them with a thank you card and/or a friendly email. You can add more sentences emphasizing your desire to keep working in the music industry. Don’t ever be pushy with your email. And when they write back to you, you respond in a timely manner. These professionals may see you as an asset to their team, and you might have the job everyone wants.


Always keep in your mind that it is better and easier to be involved ahead of the music festival since there is less competition to get a job and know more potential employers. You don’t have to deal with strict deadlines and last minute jumble. You will be provided with more time to be a promising new member of the music festival staff and be inches away from your dream job.