Canada is the land of opportunities and there are truly thousands of amazing new jobs to choose from. However, there are lots of amazing jobs out there and many of them are paying a fantastic wage! Of course, it isn’t all sunshine and roses in the employment field as there are many avenues which provide with basically poor pay. So, what are the best and the worst paying jobs in Canada today? Read on to find out a little more.

Petroleum Engineers

As most will know, engineers are in great demand today and as such, their overall pay is at the high end of the scale. Petroleum engineers are going to handle drilling for gas and they have a big responsibility to say the least but they are well paid for their skills. However, if you wanted to become a petroleum engineer you would have to have the right engineering degree. It’s said their pay ranges well over ninety thousand dollars per year and that’s amazing to say the least!

Administrators in Education

School administrators and of course principals are often the people with the highest paid jobs in Canada today. This can be a fantastic career and one which is full of ups and downs and great pay! However, those who are higher up the chain will get better pay than just a school teacher teaching English or maths! Education is certainly a top priority for most people today and it’s truly an area which offers decent wages.Checkout more details from

Senior Government Positions

For those who are high up in office in government positions, they are more likely to get better pay. Wages for senior government positions are very good and of course, there are many bonuses to come from these positions too. If you have more than one language skill then you are looked as a great professional and highly useful too. These positions are the ones with the most potential and the average pay is around ninety five thousand dollars per year.

Harvest Pickers

Fruit pickers and vegetable packers are amongst those with the worst paying jobs. Some can earn as little as twenty two thousand dollars, depending on how many hours they put in of course and can be a very tiresome job. There is a great need for pickers and packers however to ensure fresh produce reach stores before the deadline. However, it’s a lot of work without the big pay so it’s not always as great as you might think.

General Office Worker

business jobPay is not one of the best when it comes to being a general office work. Now, working in an office can be great but unless you are high up in the field, you will receive a pretty basic wage! A lot of the time, secretaries and general office workers are going to earn little compared to those in higher positions. It’s still a decent job however and you never know, if you are hired by a private investment company, you could get a better wage.

What Do You Love?

Sometimes, it’s not about the money you get but rather what you love to do. If you prefer one type of job, you could look at it, even though it doesn’t pay much. There are lots of sectors in Canada today and while there are some that pay really well, others don’t. It doesn’t always come down to skills however despite what you might think. Sometimes, it’s the actual company and job you’re working for rather than the skills you have.