Driving is a core skill that almost everyone has to learn in order to drive a vehicle on public roads. It is like a route of passage that most teenagers go through once they hit 16 or 18 in countries. As such, teaching others how to drive is a job that will always have demands. In developed counties such as Singapore. private driving instructor is a suitable job mostly for the retired as well as the elderly because they have a wealth of experience driving vehicles such as cars and trucks and they are able to transfer their knowledge easily to the younger generation.

Teaching others how to drive involves skill as well as a lot of patience. I can still remember how i started off driving manual transmission cars. Stalling the car was almost a daily occurrence and the driving instructor would get so mad with me because he was afraid that his transmission would get worn out faster than it is supposed to.

Flip the coin and take a look at underdeveloped countries such as thailand and you will notice almost a barbaric way of driving. This is probably due to the culture present in the country. I recently took a trip down to bangkok and realised that the driving instructors in thailand are not given proper materials to drive with. They use worn out tyres as barriers and the road they teach on is mostly dirt roads which can provide little to no markings for the student to learn from.

The pay rate of a private driving instructor is quite decent as well as you have the liberty to charge however you like. Like in most countries, they have different pricing points for students. The off peak hours as well as on peak hours. In addition, it is quite normal to charge higher as well during the weekends. Therefore if you are willing to become a driving instructor, it is essential that you plan your time well and teach students when there is a large demand such as the on peak hours.

Lastly, it is important to note that becoming a private driving instructor also means becoming your own boss, you are limited by how much you work as well as the attitude you provide to your students. If you have a bad attitude and do not treat your students well, it is more likely that they will look for other better instructors no matter how cheap your pricing may be. After all, students are looking for a driving instructor which they can learn earnestly from and not an instructor who cannot teach