It is maddening how the job hunt can be for a fresh graduate, especially when you’ve been searching every day. At the beginning, you are set out with high hopes to try to find a job, and later on, you’ll be much less optimistic and kept on wondering on whether you resumes are even getting read or not. But human resource managers and experts say there is still hope and shared these five handy tips to help graduates find work.

1.     Don’t Get Discouraged

The whole thing about applying for months can make you get easily distressed and discouraged. But don’t put yourself down for employers are always in search of engaged, eager new hires like this Misooda clinic that specialized on liposuction in Korea. Their management doesn’t care when you graduated for as long as you have this type of state of mind wherein you want to prepare and be motivated to stay focused on their process.

2.     Seek A Full-Time Job

To seek a full-time job is already a full-time job because you need to wake up early in the morning every day making it a routine. Once you’ll get used to that, it will be into your half-hearted routine, put in your eight hours, and remain in your rhythm. The Misooda clinic managers don’t want that copy and paste your resumes for it is very important that each position you’ll apply with has an individually tailored resume and cover letter. It shows how determined and hard-working you can be.

3.     Pound That Pavement

You have to get out and pound that pavement. You have to be proactive when you’re sending out your applications since not all jobs are advertised. You must be creative for hundreds of applicants submit in every one advertised job. If you want to pursue working in Misooda clinic, you can find out more about what they do, ask for information from people in the cosmetic industry, and make yourself known. Usually, those applicants willing step out of their comfort zone are the most successful.

4.     Follow Up Politely

You can follow up politely and ask the employer what it is you were lacking to be an employee in the Misooda clinic. This gives you an opportunity to upgrade your skills making you the person they’ll hire next time. The managers love those that don’t give up in life, as long as you are courteous and professional.

5.     Use All Resources

You can use all your resources after you’ve graduated. Some schools continue supporting their fresh graduates after a year or two. You can attend continuing education courses if you can afford them. Be a life-long learner; if you’ll have another interview in the Misooda clinic, you can tell them you’re upgrading your skills.


Asking for help and advice demonstrates how curious you are and presents how professional you can be. It can also generate interest from people who introduce you to someone else who is currently hiring. Be the kind of person who keeps falling down but learns from your own mistakes every time. Then you’ll surely be successful.