Getting Relocated? Here’s How to Handle it

22 Nov

So, exactly what makes transferring so complicated? Ryan Kahn, a profession trainer, creator of The Hired Group, superstar of MTV’s Hired! and also writer of Hired! The Guide for the Recent Grad, states, to name a few points, the procedure needs you to discover a brand-new location to call residence, come to be familiarized with your brand-new setting, master a brand-new job, as well as construct a brand-new assistance network– all at the same time. “A bunch of effort will certainly enter into succeeding in any way of these points, however ideally you learn that it’s every little thing you’ve desired.”.


Exactly how does one manage moving effectively?

Know exactly what’s offered to you. Several companies provide a selection of transfer solutions and also many are versatile in exactly what they supply, Kahn states. Make certain you put in the time to discover just what’s readily available to you– and also utilize it. For instance, some firms will certainly spend for points like property searching journeys, transport of your vehicles, help in marketing or acquiring your residence, assistance identifying the best ways to lease a home, as well as occasion planners to resolve you right into your brand-new house. They may additionally have the ability to aid your partner with job positioning or work leads in your brand-new city, Stimpson includes.

If your company does not generally provide moving support, ask for it. If you find out that support isn’t really generally offered, do not hesitate to discuss, Stimpson states. Beginning by looking into relocating prices (vehicle leasings, quotes from expert agents, transport expenditures, short-lived real estate, storage space, and so on) to ensure that you could provide your company with a thorough quote of the amount of your moving is anticipated to cost you. “Having this sustaining info is critical to the success of your demand,” he states. Additionally inquire about favored service providers when it concerns transfer firms as well as property reps. Repayment for your moving might rest after the use of marked specialists with which your company has actually set up partnerships.

Take some time to obtain to recognize your brand-new atmosphere just before you relocate. If you have the deluxe of taking a while to discover your brand-new location just before showing up. “Explore the communities in the location to ensure that you locate the very best fit one for your way of living.”

Know the price of living in the brand-new city. There are considerable distinctions in price of living amongst United States cities as well as states, Stimpson states. “Typically, these distinctions will certainly be compensated for in your income, however it’s still crucial to examine.” Do the study and also strategy appropriately.

Do not make any sort of long-lasting dedications. “Renting in the beginning is a terrific method to resolve right into a brand-new city without making a dedication to an area you could wind up not preference,” Terry claims.

Develop a social assistance network. “Use your close friends to network to make brand-new pals similarly that you would certainly attempt to network for a job,” Kahn states. Usage on-line solutions like MeetUp to locate others in the location that have comparable passions or pastimes. Your brand-new firm might likewise provide clubs and also single-interest group to satisfy brand-new folks. The faster you could develop an assistance network, the much more in your home you will certainly really feel as well as the healthier you will certainly be with your choice to relocate, he states.

What Not to Do and Say in a Job Interview

25 Oct

With the job market very tight, also the little things matters, particularly when you’re on a job interview. That’s why it’s so crucial not to claim or do the incorrect points, because that impression would wind up being the last one.With that in thoughts, right here are 7 lethal sins of job interviewing.

1. Do not Be Late To the Interview

Also if you vehicle damaged down or the metro hindered, do every little thing you can to get to that job interview punctually.

“If you have a genuine reason it’s still hard to bounce back,” says Pamela Skillings, co-founder of job coaching firm Skillful Communications. “People are dubious considering that they listen to the exact same reasons regularly.”.

On the other side, you don’t want to appear too early and risk appearing desperate, but you do want to be there at least 5 minutes early or at the minimum on schedule.

2. Do not Show Up Unprepared.

It seems simple, but countless people go on job interviews recognizing hardly any about the company they are interviewing with when all it would take is a basic Google search to learn. Consequently, they wind up asking noticeable concerns, which indicate to the job interviewer that they are as well careless to prep.

“Don’t ask if the business is personal or public, exactly how long it’s been in businessand where they do their production,” claims Mark Jaffe, head of state of Wyatt & Jaffe, the exec search company. “Sharpen your pencil just before you visit college.”.

3. Do not Ask About Salary, Benefits, Perks.

“Your passion needs to have to do with the job as well as which your duties will certainly be,” states Terry Pile, Principal Consultant of Career Advisors. “Asking concerning getaway, authorized leave, 401K, wage but perks ought to be prevented whatsoever expenses.”.

Your preliminary interview with a business should not have to do with just what the business can do for you, however exactly what you can do for the business. Meanings the interview isn’t really the moment to inquire about the severance plan, trip time or health insurance. Rather you need to be offering on your own about why the firm can not live without you.

4. Do not Focus On Future Roles Instead Of The Job Available.

The job interview is not the moment or location to inquire about innovation chances or ways to end up being the CEO. You should want the job you are in fact speaking with for. Certain, a firm intends to view that you aspire, however they additionally wish guarantees you are dedicated to the job you’re being employed for.

“You cannot possess a program that this job is simply a pointering rock to larger but far better points,” states Jaffe.

5. Do not Turn The Weakness Question Into A Positive.

To place it candidly, recruiters are not morons. When they ask you regarding a weak point but you state you function also tough or you are also much of a nit-picker, opportunities are they are a lot more proper to roll their eyes compared to be blown away. Rather, be truthful and also develop a weak point that can be enhanced on as well as will not spoil your possibilities of acquiring a job.

If you are speaking with for a task administration position, it would not be smart to claim you have bad business abilities, however it’s alright to state you really want to find out even more faster ways in Excel. “Talk concerning the abilities you do not have that will certainly include worth, however aren’t needed for the job,” states Pile.

6. Do not Lie.

Lots of people assume its ok to overemphasize their dealing with or fib regarding a shooting on a job interview, however existing can be a guaranteed means not to obtain employed. Even if you make it through the interview procedure with your falsehood, opportunities are you will not be outfitted to take care of the job you were worked with to do. In addition to the much more you exist the more probable you are to blunder.

“Don’t overemphasize, do not make points larger compared to they are and also do not assert credit rating for achievements you really did not do,” states Jaffe. “You leave a lot space in your mind if you do not need to load it with which exist you informed which individual.”.

7. If There’s Any Reason You Shouldn’t Be Hired, do not Ask.

If there is any kind of factor you would not be employed, well indicating profession specialists will certainly inform you to shut your interview by asking. While that concern could provide you a concept of where you stand but manage you the possibility to resolve any sort of problems, there’s no warranty the job interviewer is visiting be genuine with you or has actually also refined your info sufficient to also think of that.

The job interview is not the time or location to ask concerning innovation possibilities or just how to end up being the CEO. You require to be interested in the job you are in fact speaking with for. Certain, a business desires to view that you are enthusiastic, however they additionally desire guarantees you are dedicated to the job you’re being employed for.

“All you are doing is motivating them to consider just what’s incorrect with you,” claims Skillings.

Lots of individuals assume its ok to overemphasize their dealing with or fib regarding a shooting on a job interview, however existing could be a proven means not to obtain worked with. Also if you acquire with the interview procedure with your fifty percent facts, possibilities are you will not be outfitted to deal with the job you were employed to do.

How to Personally Motivate yourself during Job Hunting

4 Oct

Succeeding the Work Hunt Fight with Personal Motivation

Task hunting can be easy if you locate a task promptly, or for many work seekers it could approach horrible status as it drags on for weeks and also perhaps months. The one aspect that brings earlier success in the job hunt is individual inspiration. Below are some useful tips to help you obtain success and keep you inspired in your task search:.

Just how numerous hours a day are you going to function at job hunting? It is a complete time work to discover the ideal task so you ought to have an outstanding factor for less than a complete time job hunting effort.

Be disciplined in your method as well as stay with your intended program. Establish a convenient follow-up device and work the system. Don’t be out cutting the lawn at 10am when you should be making phone conversation or doing work research study.

Research study and also Perfect How to Sell Yourself: Losing a job could have a negative impact on our sensations of self really worth. Concentrate on your achievements both on and off the work. Your task is to learn ways to offer alone.

It’s effective to assume like the possible company. Would you employ on your own? Just what do you have to offer? Bear in mind the company will be investing a lot of money in you, including your salary and also training. Thought of the most persuasive as well as strongest 3 to five reasons you’re worth hiring. Improve and sharpen these reasons as well as you’ve made an exceptional start in marketing yourself to the possible company.

Productive usage of the Telephone: In your daily task hunting strategy don’t neglect how important the telephone is locate job leads as well as meet the right individuals. This could be an effective approach in tracking down work leads and also work opportunities.

Job interview Preparation: Develop a list of up to 50 or additional concerns you are likely to be asked in the job interview. Have someone ask you the inquiries as well as tape your reactions, if no video clip recorder is available make an audio tape of your responses. Job at enhancing your performance, not only the feedbacks however the coming with body language is additionally essential in connecting and selling alone.

Keep in mind, the favorable impression, is a combination of individual self-confidence and positive body language. Examining as well as looking into both will certainly go a long way in selling yourself to the potential company.

The Network Advantage: When you’ve exercised the direction of you job quest make productive use of networking. Request for guidance and recommendations. Do not forget to send out hand written thank you notes to all that help you. Researches have actually shown that around 70 % of jobs are discovered via networking.

As you measure your day-to-day work hunting activity against your general work searching strategy you should obtain a sensation of achievement. These achievements will certainly generate the needed motivation and also drive to see that you reach your supreme goal: finding the best task as well as occupation and eventually succeeding the job search.

Task searching can be very easy if you locate a job promptly, or for a lot of job hunters it can come close to nightmarish status as it drags on for weeks as well as maybe months. It is a complete time task to locate the appropriate task so you should have an outstanding factor for much less compared to a full time job searching effort.

Do not be out cutting the yard at 10am when you need to be making telephone calls or doing work research.

Effective usage of the Telephone: In your daily task hunting plan don’t forget just how vital the telephone is locate job leads as well as fulfill the appropriate folks. The Network Advantage: When you’ve functioned out the instructions of you task quest make effective usage of networking.

Add Luck to your Job Hunts

4 Oct

Include Good luck to your Task Searching

You merely figured out that a good friend, who lost their job two weeks ago, today discovered a brand-new task as well as was offered a far better paying position. Discuss “good luck.” Truly, you need to be so fortunate.

If you meticulously check into the circumstance your friend located himself in, he had been building an assistance network for years. He had a record of helping others in a variety of conditions. He lost his work, concentrated on exactly what he wanted, contacted his network, as well as among his contacts came through. So “luck” had hardly any to do with his success.

He had been building a “luck” balance in his occupation banking for a long time. When he visited make a drawback his balance was substantial sufficient that a task that fit his occupation goal happened to be readily available.

In addition to the good fortune factor below’s just what effective work hunters adhere to working as “project supervisors,” in locating the ideal job:.

1. Create a work searching strategy. What task or tasks will you be looking for? What is your employment goal? What companies will you be targeting? Where are they situated? What sources will you be making use of?

Break down what you intend on doing everyday, each week as well as monthly. Plan on putting in a complete week. Spend sufficient time in study and research study. Keep the strategy stabilized and also limit the time you invest looking at a computer system screen. Develop versatility into your job search plan to make up unanticipated opportunities as well as drawbacks.

2. Arrange your work searching activities. All effective job tracks start with keeping documents, and all your tasks organized. If you send out a tailor-made cover letter and return to can you promptly recover the papers?

With time you could have research study on lots of prospective employers, hundreds of hard interview inquiries and also answers, custom-made resumes and also cover letters each sent to lots of employers, hundreds of phone get in touches with, thank-you letters, and also task hunting concepts and their sources. This has to be organized for easy access as well as follow-up.

Do this right and also it will certainly take a bunch of stress out of your job hunting tasks. Furthermore, you will certainly be a lot more efficient and also be able to obtain additional done in less time.

3. Aim with a rifle as well as not a shotgun in your task search. A focused work quest will be a lot more successful than the, “I’ll take anything,” strategy. Pursue prospective employers that require your skills and also you could offer value to them.

If the employer’s needs fit your skills and also qualifications you are most likely to be employed. Furthermore, your company research study will be more extensive, your cover letter will certainly more closely show the company’s interests, and you are more probable to be called in for a job interview. All actions causing a task deal. If you expect the company to suppose regarding how you match their task needs you’ll have to wait a long time.

4. Create engaging advertising and marketing letters and various other files. Your entire work hunting task is an advertising and marketing initiative. If you offer exactly what the company wishes you’ll succeed.

So from the message on your answering machine, calling cards, style and also content of your return to, material of your cover letter, e-mail address, thank-you notes, net info when your name is Googled, feedbacks in a telephone meeting and also prep work and also performance in an in person job interview all demand a constant message selling, “You.”.

Selling you that you are the answer to fixing the company’s troubles as well as filling his requirements need to be your constant message in all of your work search activities.

5. Visit positive-you’ll work a lot better with a good attitude. Employers wish to work with good people. People that treat troubles as opportunities. That spend more time on options than grumbling about the hand they were dealt.

Do what ever you can to keep a total positive task searching mindset. Check out as well as listen to motivational messages. Stay away from those that consider the whole thing with a negative prism. Hang out with good can do folks.

6. Always remember to commemorate small triumphes. Rest to commemorate your first job interview. Had to make 12 networking contacts a week and also you do 15, intend on celebrating. Need to flee for the grind of work searching and also its regular denials fish on Sunday mid-day or take a long walk in the park.

Comply with these 6 concepts to obtain you task hunting job started, or maybe utilize it to get your present search tasks back on the right track. Develop you task searching strategy and also function the strategy daily. It will put you ahead of a lot more professional rivals and also your “good luck” will be a lot more successful compared to theirs.

Defining Yourself in a Job Hunt

12 Sep

To typically the job seeker gets bogged down in defining themselves as, “out of work,” or possibly as a, “job seeker,” or they are in “transition.” They consumes concerning job hunting, fretting about the nuts and screws of their job search activity as well as jump from one very touted good job searching idea to another.

Offered tasks are a variable you have little or no control over, but you could manage the way you think and exactly how you market your abilities. Prospective companies are looking for issue solvers with sturdy assurances that the particular job candidate could load their requirements.

A more effective job searching method is to quit speaking as well as acting like every various other job hunter. Replace this adverse character with a proactive strategy selling your knowledge, your problem fixing success and also as an expert in your industry.

It will certainly not be your skills or your years of going through that will inspire a company to hire you, there are way too many others with the exact same abilities and also many have more years of going through. This is not the means to stick out from a crowded field of competitors.

To elevate your job searching method to one more level you should effectively market the one thing the employer needs-your expertise. Your capacity to solve troubles, aid and create options grow business are all important needs that you with your unique abilities could provide. When you alter your habits in addition to your thinking from that of an out of work job seeker to that of an authority in your industry you now move more detailed to finding the best job.

Going through the fire

Your obstacle is to show a high level of expertise in your area. Advertising and marketing your expertise begins with formatting your accomplishments to clearly demonstrate exactly how you have actually fixed troubles or generated a positive result.

Go back over your present as well as previous tasks and also listing your accomplishments. Now compose out the outcomes attained and the advantages provided your employer as well as the company.

With each success quantify the outcomes. You didn’t enhance something, you increased something by just what percent, you did something much faster, under budget plan or you cut prices and boosted outcomes.

Does one thing or one vital location strike you above all others? Now your difficulty is to find companies, that over all else, require someone to use this expertise to their procedures.

Furthermore, establish a recap statement on your resume that interacts your knowledge in plain language. It must be crafted to make sure that there is no obscurity in you capacity to produce above ordinary rois.

You now have a primary emphasis in your job searching. Your escalator speech, with a little bit of practice, will come to be the facility item in you marketing initiatives. In any job interview, by including a success into a convincing story, with obstacles conquer and driving lessons learned, you show on your own as really a professional as well as an expert in your industry.

Your journey is now comprehensive you have actually traveled from being a job seeker offering skills to a professional which could resolve the employer’s issues. By switching out a neutral to negative mental approach in your job hunt to being a proactive trouble solver you’ve now shown you can provide advantages and also worth to the potential company.

And this is exactly the guarantees the company is hunting for. Furthermore you will certainly have a restored confidence, you attitude will shoot up; both are preferable personal qualities that will certainly acquire important points with the company.

To increase your job searching approach to an additional level you need to correctly market the one thing the company needs-your know-how. When you change your behavior along with your thinking from that of a jobless job seeker to that of an authority in your field you now relocate better to employing the ideal job.

Go back over your existing as well as previous works and listing your accomplishments. You now have a main focus in your job searching. In any sort of job meeting, by integrating a success into an engaging tale, with challenges overcame as well as driving lessons learned, you reveal yourself as really an expert as well as a specialist in your field.

The Field of Dentistry and the Job Market

29 Jun

I recently received a question that goes like this:

“I am going to college in the next year and I am torn between Veterinary Science and Dentistry. Can you help me figure out how good the job market is for dentistry? Thanks! – John Matt Hughes”


Thank you John for this very interesting question and it’s an honour to help young minds such as yourself to pick out your destiny.

How is the demand for dentists?

The demand for dentists in Canada is quite impressive, or at least, it’s possible to land a job easier compared to other fields of medicine. As a dentist, you may end up in private practice or in clinics and hospitals. I have known quite a few people who started out as dentists in clinics and hospitals and then worked their way up to private practice.

There was also one foreigner from the Philippines who migrated to Canada and also asked me about the requirements for becoming a dentist. If you took your program anywhere, you may be asked to take up another program if it’s not accredited by the programs similar to Canada and the USA. If you came from another country, like the Philippines, you will be considered as an Internationally Educated Dentist and you need to take a two year qualifying program in order to take the exam.

Apart from getting a certificate from NDEB or National Examining Board of Canada, you may be asked to take up the following:

  • Assessment of Fundamental Knowledge (written exam; one day)
  • Assessment of Clinical Skills (using mannequins; two days)
  • Assessment of Clinical Judgment (three exams; one day)

The salary

This is probably the root of your question: How much are dentists paid? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a dentist can earn an average of $146,920 or $70.64 per hour as of 2010. The lowest 10% earned an income of $71,210 while the highest 10% earned $166,400 or higher. The highest earners in the field of dentistry belong to orthodontics and oral and maxillofacial surgery (emergency dentists).

On a more demographic note, Ontario dentists in the middle 50 percent have a salary range from $87,077 to $121,356. PayScale reports figures between the 25th and 75th percentile of respondents to its surveys. The salary for an Alberta dentist ranges from $81,359 to $116,236, placing this province second to Ontario in salary. The highest dentist salaries for Canadian cities belong to Edmonton, Alberta, where dentists make between $90,000 and $135,000 annually. The lowest reported salary for a province was in Nova Scotia, at $47,500, while the lowest range of dentist salaries belongs to New Brunswick, at between $50,871 and $70,139.

Jobs that Don’t Require a Degree

5 Jun

don’t really require a college education

This is not an article that’s intended to put down people who’re working for any of these jobs. This article is intended to shed some light on the following jobs that don’t really require a college education but requires a lot more skill that you can’t learn from the four walls of a classroom. The jobs listed here are also intended to help fresh graduates get their feet planted on the ground and also provide eager youngsters something to do in summer. Do you think you have what it takes to take on these jobs?

  1. Barista – First, we have these lovely people who make our day with their delicious coffee. Whether you get your coffee from Starbucks or from Coffee Bean, there’s no doubt that a barista is one of those jobs that require a lot of skill. After all, it takes a lot of skill to brew a cup of coffee from that elaborate espresso machine. If you see your baristas at work, you need to realize that they’re making your coffee out of memory.EMG Nedschroef
  2. EMT or Emergency Medical Technician – Being an EMT doesn’t require a really high degree, but you do need to require a lot of fieldwork and a lot of reading to get licensed.EMS with Oxygen
  3.  Driving school teacher – If you know your way around cars, the rules of the road, and probably a knack for teaching, you can become a driving school teacher in small cities like Waterloo or Kitchener. This usually depends on the country where are you residing, but in Canada, there’s no need for a formal degree. All you need to do is prove that you’re a good driver too, which is more than a challenge for some of the people here.Driving school teacher
  4. Moving company crewmen – Believe it or not, these people are trained in all kinds of logistics that most office workers cannot fathom. They are not only trained to handle huge items, but they also have the most complex and organized working system that any organization can think of. This industry utilizing the web i a good fashion, for example they are using top reviewing sites such as YP and Yelp to connect with their clients and here is an example of doing that if you search for Kitchener movers you’ll get yelp dominate the result page.Everything they do is calculated and planned out because you cannot stuff furniture pieces into one truck without damaging them.Moving company crewmen
  5. Service crew – people laugh at the idea of working for a fast food joint, but this is where great beginnings are made. I have known some people who started off as a service crew in McDonalds Ontario and they were able to climb up the corporate ladder due to their hardwork. They went from service crew to branch managers and franchise consultants (their college education paid for by a scholarship from McDonalds). Also, you cannot work as a service crew if you don’t have the patience or multitasking abilities.

The next time you underestimate these people, bear in mind that what they have cannot be learned in a college classroom.

Lasting First Impressions in Your Job Search

21 Apr


You just got out of college; you got a huge grin on your face and a degree on your hand. You made your parents proud and you feel so awesome for surviving college. You went home to your apartment, looked around and asked yourself, “What’s next?” The challenges of the real world are waiting for you and you are planning your next step. Want to start your career right? Follow these instructions and you might just find yourself landing that dream job.


Update your resume. You just got your Bachelors degree and I’m sure you are excited to put that down on your resume. Aside from your educational attainment, make sure that you include your past part-time jobs (if any) and some extra curricular activities from your university. Your volunteer work every Sunday might give you an edge from the other applicants. Also, including membership from organizations will definitely give the interviewer something to talk about with you. You’ll never know, he or she might be an affiliate, too.


Make some research about the company. Nothing is more embarrassing than being asked on a phone interview on what do you think about their company if you have no idea on what the company does. Yes, you just found their ad on a job site but you can always research the company before submitting your application. It will also be beneficial to both parties if you have the same values and interest as the company.


Be brief and honest.Your phone interview is a good chance to get short-listed and be called for an actual interview. Make sure that you know what you are talking about and you are confident talking about yourself. The employer wants to know more about you in five minutes so be brief. There is such thing as sharing too much information and it is not a good thing during interviews. Also, being honest is very important because you are building trust with your possible employer. You do not want to tell them that you are not a parent during the interview only to ask them after few months that you need to miss work for your kid’s birthday.


Dress to impress. Today is your interview day and you should look just right for the part. Do not under or over dress for the interview. Always remember that how you look and what you say can make or break your future. Dress properly for the job that you are applying. Most of the time, smart casual or semi-formal will do the trick. For women, light make-up application is enough just to not look so pale or too dramatic – unless you are applying as an actress or something that might require a bit more make-up for the part.


You do not know how long you will last on your first job but it is always safe to say that one should always make a good first impression especially at work. No matter what people say, first impressions always last. Make it count.

How to Move On and Pick new Career Path

15 Apr


You missed your dinner with your siblings because your boss asked you to work over time. You covered once for your workmate’s shift as a favor for a once valid excuse and she seems to be doing it regularly. You either eat a lot because of stress or eat too little because of your busy schedule. You were so excited for this job but the time will come when you will just know that it is not working anymore for you and you just need to move on. Changing your current job is not easy but there are sacrifices you are willing to take just to move on the better side of the road.


Write down the pros and cons. You should know if changing jobs would do you better or harm. Remember that you have bills to pay, things that you need and stuff that you want. Can your savings cover up for those expenses while waiting for your new job? Or quitting your current job and getting a new one will give you peace of mind and healthier relationship with your family? There are always two sides in a coin so make sure you check both.


Get second opinion. Is your boss treating you like you are worthless or are your officemates gossiping about your every move? Maybe it is time for you to gather your friends and ask them if it is normal. If they think that it is not, changing your current job (or field of work) might be really the best solution for you.


Know the direction you want to take. Do you still want to work in the same field or do you want to change careers? Make sure that, if you are stressed in your current job and it is one of the reasons why you want to quit, you won’t get the same amount of stress in your new job.


Apply before you quit. I know that you have had enough but you need a back-up plan. Try submitting applications to other companies even before you quit your job. If the interview coincides with your work schedule, let the interviewer know about it and they will make the necessary arrangements. Maybe you can have your interview on your break or after office hours. Many people are applying for jobs even if they are currently employed because they all know that if all else fails, at least they haven’t submitted their notice yet.


Don’t burn bridges. You may be so mad at your current boss right now but make sure that you properly quit your job. Making scenes or violating the employee’s manual might cause you more harm than personal satisfaction. Being civil (no matter how mad or bitter you are) will also save your final pay.


Being part of the working force is not an easy task. It can get boring, challenging and, even sometimes, hyperventilating. But no matter what happen or wherever your dreams may take you, always remember that being prepared and civil are the keys to moving on. Someday, you will laugh at these moments and cherish the once most annoying ones.







The Mythical Five: The Top Paying Sectors

12 Apr

Taking Money From Wallet And Paying Dollars

The ranking of the high paying sectors has been changing over the years. However, there are those consistent sectors that, whatever may happen to the economic balance of the world, are still there, thriving and drawing in more college applicants and graduates. Review the list and you might want to change your career path after reading the article.


Engineering: Ever since the first machines were invented, engineering has always been a very in demand sector. Sure, it wasn’t called engineering that time, but whatever happens, the world will always need the experts who build and create. Other than that, other newer branches of engineering like petroleum and geodetic are also getting the attention from the market.


Banking and Finance: The financial experts know the trends and can tell you where to go next. Companies need them, as well as private individuals. They will help you know where to put your money or where to spend them. They get good compensation from the employers because they can make your investments grow even without the money tree.


Software Development: Since the conception of the Internet, website and systems developers are much coveted by almost everyone. From the websites of almost every established business and institution to the games downloaded by millions of smart phone users – there are never-ending possibilities for these techie geniuses. This category includes the web, game, application and system developers.


Marketing: The job title might sound boring but what they do is actually interactive. They research about the market and help companies decide on what product will be most suitable for this age group in this particular area. They know the new products (and might have tested it) even before it goes out in the market. Aside from that, they also know how to get in touch with the consumer and clients because of their awesome PR skills.


Medicine: Of course they are on the list. The heroes of the industry who can save lives and cure diseases are one of the most paid sectors ever since. I don’t know if there was ever a time when doctors, or nurses, were underpaid. Even the scientists who invent drugs are also getting paid really well by their companies. Let’s be honest, people are willing to give anything just to save their loved one’s lives. And it’s not an easy job to have that pressure on you.


No one is saying that these sectors are superior to others but the numbers also say something. These are given by figures on an average number of employees. Personally, I still believe that no amount of money can beat the fulfillment one can have when working for his or her dream job regardless of the figures. And hey, if it is figures we are talking about, I still think celebrities make more money – there are just less of them compared to the other sector. Always remember that you can always be one of the many, or the one who made the difference.

Career Planning Mistakes You Should Avoid

10 Apr

I have been in the recruitment industry for more than 10 years now and in all the seminars that I’ve held, I have been asked by a lot of people this question – “What are the things that I should avoid doing when I am planning my career?” What shouldn’t you do when you’re planning your career? Take note that it’s not just college kids who ask the questions, but also people who are not satisfied with where they are right now.
If you’re going to plan your career, know that it’s never too late. I have met a lot of people well over their 40s just finding the job of their dreams.
Here are some of the things that you should never do:

1.) Avoiding ladder climbs. We have to start from the bottom. When you’re planning your career, you should always consider the fact that you’re going to start somewhere and that somewhere is the BOTTOM. Before I became an HR specialist, I worked as an assistant for close to 3 years. If you’re aiming for a managerial position, plan the steps of the ladder. Know how you’re going to start and aim for that before you start your climb.

Avoiding career counselling
2.) Avoiding career counselling. What better way to help you plan your future than to talk to a counsellor? Career counsellors will help create your career path or clarify your career goals. College students will have access to these specialists, and they come in the form of their counsellors. These specialists aren’t just there to help you with your problems, but they will find the time to help you plan for the future.

3.) Avoiding continuing education. A couple of years ago, I talked to someone who wanted to be a headhunter. He has a background in business management, but he lacks the skills needed to be a headhunter. I advised him to take up I/O or industrial/organizational psychology classes to equip him with the skills he needs, but he declined. 2 years later, he came back to me and told me that he has had no luck. I told him to take up the classes and he did. He got his Master’s in Industrial Psychology in 2 years and is now working with me. Master’s degrees and PHDs should always be a part of your career planning because they will help you secure your dream job or career. Remember, an undergraduate degree can only take you so far.
Time and time again, I have reminded my clients of what they should do and shouldn’t do. The little things can still make or break your career plans, so pay attention to what you are doing and what you will be doing.

Career Planning Tips for Fresh Graduates

31 Mar


The science of career planning and job hunting is not rocket science, but it is just as difficult. For fresh graduates, there is no better time to plan your career than the moment you first set foot in college. Personally, I have had to deal with career planning throughout the 6 years of stay in college. The first 2 years were spent like how adult individuals undergo midlife crisis. Everything is just riddled in confusion and bewilderment. Career planning is just that: confusing. Can you imagine planning something that you will end up doing for 30 or 40 years? As a headhunter, I understand the frustration that college students face when they do career planning.
So, I will make it simple for them. In my seminars and workshops, these are the philosophies that I share to everyone – be it a college freshman who just got out of high school or that confused senior who still think he took the wrong course.

1.) Find something you love doing. If it’s not something you love, at least something that won’t be miserable for you. People change jobs faster than they change clothes because they hate their jobs. They hate it because it makes them feel miserable. This is a common dilemma and numerous researches have shown that unhappy employees are very unproductive. I have known this particular banker with a degree in accounting who hates her job because she wants to be an accountant for the bank, but they hire her as a clerk. She worked as a clerk for 5 years before calling it quits. If the job offered to you is not something you want to do, don’t take it. It’s as simple as that.
2.) Consider internships or apprenticeships. I have advocated the practice of getting into internships simply because they are one way of getting the job you wanted. If you are considering a supervisorial position in a bank, you have to start from the bottom even if it means getting an unpaid internship. Always have internships as your options.

3.) Consider graduate programs. The job that you want doesn’t mean that they require undergraduate degrees. For example, if you want to secure a managerial position, you need more than just a Bachelor’s Degree in your given field. I believe that you shouldn’t stop expanding your knowledge simply because you have a degree. In order for you to get better at your job, you need to consider graduate programs that will allow you to land the job of your dreams.

4.) Pocket your pride. This is by far the most important aspect of career planning. Just because you graduated from a good college doesn’t mean that you’re above everyone else. Do not use your college name as a means to get to your job. This will not work in the real world. Some specialists may be intimidated by the fact that you graduated from Harvard, but if someone from a community college has more to bring to the table than you, you will be their second choice. Use your school as a stepping stone to acquire knowledge and skills, and not as another form of leverage.


Career planning is easier if you have a philosophy. You can adapt mine and I will brag that it has worked for a lot of people. People who’ve had a hard time looking for a career were able to find the jobs that they want within months after they attended my seminars.

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